VIDEO: Marco Rubio Goes Full Alinsky in New Anti-Trump Standup Routine

Obviously Marco Rubio’s handlers told him it’s time to whip out the Alinsky routine, in the form of bad standup. Just watch. Moments ago in Dallas, Texas:

Here’s the tweet to which Rubio referred:











For the record, I think he spelled “choker” correctly, Sen. Rubio.

Wait, there’s more standup from Shecky Rubio.


What do you think? Is this style of attack going to effective for Marco Rubio?


  1. SORRY, Rubio IS NO Alinsky, more a rube. He will not be the last “man” standing. The Polish story was from 1983 and was settled in 1999 and the settlement SEALED.
    The MSM is trying to promote Rubio, the Robot. He did call Trump a conman in the news over 50 times. Bottom line Trump remains. Even on Fox Bret Baier on Friday, the panel gave all their top money on, drum roll please,…..TRUMP.

    • Oh no doubt, Rubio is no Alinsky, but he has been using Alinsky’s tactics on both Cruz and Trump. It’s not a good look. He comes off more like a smart alec kid, the teacher’s pet, saying the things and acting the way he thinks the teacher (the Establishment, Fox News, etc.) wants. I think he’s on the downside of his failure curve now that his Florida lies, the ones he told in 2010 about amnesty, are catching up with him.

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