VIDEO: Statements Like This One Are Why Mark Levin Calls Kevin McCarthy “Eric Cantor with 30 Fewer IQ Points”

Pathetic Kevin McCarthy. Our next Speaker of the House? Really?

This amnesty-loving, crony capitalist good buddy Kevin McCarthy has NO business being Speaker of the House. He would be in over his head being class president of an 8th grade middle school class. Here’s an example of what I mean:

Way to give ammunition to the left, that is predictably exploiting this ill-advised remark for political reasons.

Mr. McCarthy, you have accomplished nothing in your 8 years in Congress, other than sucking up to John “Whatever You Want, Barack” Boehner, who of course thinks you’d be the perfect successor.

Repeating: Pathetic.


  1. This makes me so Angry I cannot see straight. This guy, McCarthy, in his drive for The Speakership, would call Benghazi a “witch hunt”? He is putting his Speakership before the families of the dead. It is despicable.Even if it were true, that the Benghazi hearings were a witch hunt, why even go there, unless he wants Hillary (the witch) to escape scrutiny for her action, or rather inaction?

    His remarks are either so misguidedly stupid or he is trying to subvert the committee and those dead boys be damned. Hillary gets another free pass?

    If this guy becomes Speaker the Republican party is dead to me.

  2. And Hannity AGREED. “I agree. I give you credit for that.” That just verifies McCarthy’s remarks whether they are true or not. He should have known better if McCarthy is truly an idiot. No, McCarthy said those words to let Hillary off the hook and save her candidacy. They want ¡Jeb! v. Hillary. It is all about the uniparty. It’s damn despicable.

    • I don’t want to upset anyone who is a Hannity fan, but it’s been clear to me for over 10 years that he is a lightweight. I’ve never understood his appeal to anyone, other than the people I sometimes call “low-information conservatives.” (Yes, there is such a thing.) And, yes, it is despicable what these clowns in Washington are doing.

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