Mayors Against (Illegal?) Guns… Is your Mayor on this list?

Hey Guys: As most of you already know, ol’ Brutus is a staunchly “Pro-Second Amendment” supporter and activist.  I say this most unapologetically, as I believe our Founders regarded this as the last line of defense against tyranny…Or as our dear Teri so eloquently states it: “The Second Amendment is our Founders vision of ‘Term Limits.” (Editor’s note: I got that from my good friend comedian Tim Slagle.)

I have for your viewing, a list of the “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” (MAIG) members. Is your Mayor one of them?

If so, you may wish to convey your disapproval and let them know how you feel.  As a relative on Chicago Police Department says, “The police are only there to draw the chalk lines around the victim.”   As Illinois is the last of the 50 states to enact “Concealed Carry,” I am continuously taking the legislative battle to them.  I would hope that if you value your freedom, you will do the same.  Our Founders are surely smiling upon us…. Brutus


  1. Doug: You really sound like you don’t support the Constitution. Perhaps you’d care to clarify?

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