VIDEO: Robert Gibbs’ Influence? Watch Minions Toy Say WTF

McDonald’s Minions Toy is a Potty Mouth?

Do you and/or your kids love Minions? One of my friends and I have been wondering why, even though we get lots of stuff from several times a week, we still haven’t gotten a Minions box!

Many of you know that Mickey D’s earned a fist shake from me recently for hiring pudgy paid liar and former Obama apparatchik Robert “I can’t say terrorism” Gibbs as a PR spokesman.  What does that have to do with Minions? Here’s what. I wonder if he’ll be handling this one. Customers complained that the toys included with Happy Meals swear!

We know that in the Obama Regime being foul-mouthed is not a negative thing. Recall the One joking about the fact that his former Chief of Staff and current Chicago mayor Rahm “Tiny Dancer” Emanuel couldn’t utter a sentence without at least one colorful profanity.

ABC US News | World News

So, perhaps, one second thought, Mr. Gibbs shouldn’t be the person to do damage control on this one. Maybe it’s his influence that caused it in the first place.

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