Iranians Award Medals For “Capture” of US Sailors?Gee, when is John Kerry getting his medal from the Iranians?

Gee, when is John Kerry getting his medals from the Iranians?

Medals awarded for the heroes of the Iranian Regime! Remember when the Iranian Revolutionary Guard humiliated members of the U.S. Navy, posing them like they were in some ISIS execution video? Iran’s supreme leader does, and he thinks it was FABULOUS!


From Fox News:

Iran’s supreme leader has awarded medals to five members of the Iranian Navy whom he said “captured intruding” U.S. Navy sailors during a tense incident in January.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei awarded the Order of Fat’h medal to Admiral Ali Fadavi, the head of the navy of the Revolutionary Guards, and four commanders who seized the two U.S. Navy vessels, according to Reuters. Iran’s state media reported the news on Sunday.

Unfortunately, this sort of blatant, taunting humiliation by the Iranians is not the end. I am certain that they view B. Hussein’s last year in office as a tremendous opportunity. Will they do something that demands a military response sometime between now and the end of the year? Or will Obama simply leave the hot mess he and Hillary Clinton have created for the next president? Please comment below.

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