Iranians Award Medals For “Capture” of US Sailors?Gee, when is John Kerry getting his medal from the Iranians?

Gee, when is John Kerry getting his medals from the Iranians?

Medals awarded for the heroes of the Iranian Regime! Remember when the Iranian Revolutionary Guard humiliated members of the U.S. Navy, posing them like they were in some ISIS execution video? Iran’s supreme leader does, and he thinks it was FABULOUS!


From Fox News:

Iran’s supreme leader has awarded medals to five members of the Iranian Navy whom he said “captured intruding” U.S. Navy sailors during a tense incident in January.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei awarded the Order of Fat’h medal to Admiral Ali Fadavi, the head of the navy of the Revolutionary Guards, and four commanders who seized the two U.S. Navy vessels, according to Reuters. Iran’s state media reported the news on Sunday.

Unfortunately, this sort of blatant, taunting humiliation by the Iranians is not the end. I am certain that they view B. Hussein’s last year in office as a tremendous opportunity. Will they do something that demands a military response sometime between now and the end of the year? Or will Obama simply leave the hot mess he and Hillary Clinton have created for the next president? Please comment below.


  1. If Obama has his way, Iran will do something, “as planned”, and Obama will HAVE to declare Martial law and activate his DHS army and deploy around the country. Can’t have the natives restless while Iran and ISIS install the next Caliphate. Obama will then start giving speeches in Arabic, and Shiite Muslim will be the law of the Land. Oh, I forgot, Louis Farrakhan will be the Minister of Defense.
    Far fetched. Nope in comparison to everything else he has done. His administration is totally above the law.

  2. As an old salt this incident has never sat well with me. None of the details released so far are consistent with my experiences and training in the USN. The fact that the Iranians are gleefully prancing around proclaiming this as a shameful and humiliating victory of their forces over ours while we pretend that this was nothing more than a maritime rescue of our service people by a country that’s bending over backwards to be friendly to us does nothing to eliminate the fishy smell emanating from this incident.

    • It is not a fish smell, it’s a big pile of bovine excrement. It is enough to supply the Iowa corn farmers for several years. That is also why the Iowans want Obama to visit often,

      • Randy,
        We may not agree on the nature of the smell emanating from this incident but we do seem to agree that there is a stench and it is quite foul. I noticed that the Iranians seized all the electronic equipment that would have given us information about the exact location at which this all took place. I find it very difficult to believe that one of the boats broke down and both of them then just happened to drift into Iranian waters. When I was in, the sailors on the working boat would have simply thrown a line to the disabled boat and then towed it to safety. I have yet to hear a good explanation for why this most basic of procedures was not carried out or even attempted.

        • The only way to really know is to get it from the sailors. The same was true with Benghazi. Witness were sent to our equivalent of Siberia andno statements were given.
          Remember that trey Gowdy is planning to try to get to the Benghazi witnesses who, magically, have never given testimony, even though several panels investigated and exonerated the Oblamo of any responsibility, except for corrective actions which will NEVER happen.
          All I can say, is look at the reform at the VA and all the people fired or sent to prison. Total = 0.
          Obama had the DOJ investigate the DOJ, is still under investigation. Due date = 2525.Zager & Evans anyone.
          The summary verse concludes:
          Now it’s been 10,000 years,
          Man has cried a billion tears,For what, he never knew.
          Now man’s reign is through.
          But through eternal night,
          The twinkling of starlight.
          So very far away,
          Maybe it’s only yesterday.

          The song goes back to the beginning, starting all over again, with 2525 before the song’s fade.

          Maybe then, we will get the results.

        • Yes, Robert, as you note, the Iranians took lots of information from the sailors phones and laptops. From the Washington Free Beacon: “Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) naval commander claimed Monday that his men harvested extensive information from cell phones and laptops confiscated from the 10 American sailors held in custody last month, according to Iranian media.

          The Tasnim News Agency, which is affiliated with the IRGC, reported that Admiral Ali Fadavi made the admission during a session of Iranian parliament.

          “We have extracted extensive information from their [American sailors’] laptops and cell phones,” Fadavi reportedly said. He added that the information could be made public if a decision were made to release it.”

      • Randy, once again, I love your comment, especially the part about Obama.

        • The Iranians also seized the GPS units from the boats, which immediately raised red flags to me.

          • John “Swift Boat” will keep us all informed of what actually happened. I also have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn.
            John Kirby and Josh Ernest both have lips moving and I believe every word they say.

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