Media Finds Its Latest Poster Child for America’s “Islamophobia”

One of the most irritating thing about the Left is their inability to get a new script. They’re still trying to feast off the bare bones of Karl Marx. Now that he’s about ready to descend to his rightful place in hell, even Fidel Castro has finally admitted that the commie thing, as great as it’s been for him personally, doesn’t actually work for those enslaved, starved, tortured to support the continued hegemony of the ruling class.

Another insufferably boring and predictable tactic is the characterization of anyone who disagrees with politically-favored behavior or agendas as “phobic,” as in “homophobic,” as a way to marginalize their opponents as suffering from some sort of mental illness, thereby avoiding having to address the substance of their arguments. Now they’ve trotted out his threadbare tactic, also a relic from long-dead Saul Alinsky, to use against those who oppose the “community center” (read trophy mosque) in the shadow of Ground Zero. Screaming headlines and magazine covers warn of “Islamophobia,” clearly an irrational point of view. Who could fear a religion/political philosophy that, at least in some incarnations, condones honor killings, stoning and suicide bombing? What is wrong with mouth-breathing bitter clingers who are so intolerant that they suggest that sharia law is something to be feared?

So, having created their narrative, the LSM must find, and by “find,” I mean create, evidence. First the cab driver slasher, who turned out to be a disturbed leftist (apologies to those of you who consider that phrase redundant.) Now enter this Terry Jones character in Florida–where else?–who could practically fit his congregation in a phone booth, with his incendiary plan to torch some Korans on the 9th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Who would have thought that this goofy looking character could attract the attention of everyone from the Pope to the President of the United States? Seriously, what’s with that mustache? Is he, in addition to being a master media manipulator, a Civil War re-enactor? To answer my question, who would have thought this guy could dominate the headlines for a week, anyone who understands liberals, especially the PR flacks in the dino media. Don’t be surprised when we learn more about Rev. Jones, just as we did with the cabbie slasher.

Ever since baseball has been televised, the broadcast policy has been consistent. If some jackass runs on the field during a game, he is not shown to the viewers. As the announcers always say, “we aren’t going to show this guy because we don’t want to encourage other goofballs from doing the same thing to get on tv. I hope he enjoys his time in jail.” The same no-publicity policy should apply to nuts like Terry Jones, but it doesn’t because it serves the Jurassic media’s anti-Christian, anti-traditional agenda. He is the mascot for their cause, and he is their creation.

The LSM libs are hellbent on convincing as many as they can that some nutjob with a maximum of 50 parishioners represents all Christians, while the wackjob who took hostages at the Discovery Channel in the name of saving the suffering planet is just a pathetic errant outlier, a mental case whose ideology shouldn’t even be mentioned. So predictable. Please, Guys, get some new writers.

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