Media Full Court Press to Call Trump a “Liar” Before Tonight’s Presidential Debate

Never in the history of our extremely biased media have they united to try to destroy a candidate in the way that they have against Donald J. Trump.

They haven’t even tried to hide it, admitting that they feel they have some sort of moral obligation to help elect the most corrupt, money-grubbing, dishonest politician in American history, Hillary Clinton, to protect us from Mr. Trump.

Even CNN noticed:

On the weekend leading up to 2016’s first presidential debate, four news organizations came to a similar and sweeping conclusion: Donald Trump lies more often than Hillary Clinton.

In a normal election year this would be extraordinary. On Sunday editors and reporters at the newsrooms used another word: necessary.

The New York Times story — “A Week of Whoppers” — came out first on Saturday. PoliticoThe Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times all followed within hours.

Several of the editors who were involved said the timing was a coincidence. But there was clearly a desire to publish stories before Monday’s debate, when Trump and Clinton’s truthfulness will surely be at issue.

“Never in modern presidential politics has a major candidate made false statements as routinely as Trump has,” the L.A. Times declared on page one of Sunday’s paper.

Politico Magazine’s team analyzed every statement made by both Trump and Clinton for five days and said “the conclusion is inescapable: Trump’s mishandling of facts and propensity for exaggeration so greatly exceed Clinton’s as to make the comparison almost ludicrous.”

The words “almost ludicrous” ricocheted around Twitter.

Politico found that Trump averaged “one falsehood every three minutes and 15 seconds over nearly five hours of remarks” while Clinton averaged one falsehood every twelve minutes.

Overall, the news outlet counted 87 “misstatements, exaggerations, falsehoods” from Trump and eight from Clinton.

The Times counted only Trump’s “biggest whoppers,” 31 of them, while skipping “dozens more.”

All four of the newsrooms distinguished between the kind of misstatements Clinton makes and the kind Trump makes.

“Clinton has made her share of questionable claims,” the Post said, but Trump “at times seems uniquely undeterred by facts.”

Given that Hillary is almost universally understood to be a stranger to the truth, it’s important to make sure to neutralize that obvious disqualification by saying that he is a bigger liar than she is. I love that WaPo line about Hillary’s stunning inability to tell the truth: “questionable claims.” That’s one way to describe her breathtaking crimes, which put our national security at risk.

When you delve into the list of Trump’s “lies,” you discover that many of them involve the Politico writers’ disagreement with estimates and projections from organizations like the Competitive Enterprise Institute with which the liberals disagree. Others involve “lies like Mr. Trump’s statement “We have a trade deficit with China of $500 billion a year,” when Politico says it is actually $366 billion. The Trump campaign replies that when you factor in the amount of stolen intellectual property you get $500 billion.

And of course, there are the “lies” that Donald Trump claims he opposed the Iraq War, whcn he didn’t, and that Donald Trump, the original “birther,” is claiming that Hillary and her campaign first raised questions about Obama’s birthplace. There is substantial evidence for the latter claim. As for the Iraq War, Hillary voted for it, and has to also neutralize that inconvenient fact. In typical politician fashion, she was for it before she was against it.

Meanwhile, speaking of Mrs. Clinton, Politico says

Her misrepresentations, while less frequent, tend to involve the transgressions she’s made over her long career in public life — from her handling of classified information as secretary of state to her campaign’s obfuscation surrounding her health — rather than policy substance.

Gee, which one is more substantive–saying that we have a $366 billion trade deficit with China or Hillary’s scheme to conceal her family’s selling access and favors to amass a personal fortune by setting up an illegal email server? Talk about almost ludicrous.

Here’s the reason that Hillary and her peeps are so focused on pushing this “Trump is a liar” narrative. Never forget.


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