Media Nostalgic for Katrina, Plus Michelle, America’s New Imelda Marcos: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

Now that Hurricane Irene has made landfall, our prayers go out to the millions without power and those living in the aftermath of the storm. On the upside, at least maybe now all the media parasites, who, as usual, seemed to be enjoying this disaster way too much, will leave, taking their stock footage of people using staple guns to board up their homes or arriving at stores to find empty shelves. For the past six years, every hurricane evokes endless reminiscing about Katrina, which the blood-thirsty, war-loving George W. Bush ignored because as that great philosopher Kanye West succinctly explained he “doesn’t care about black people.” Even Sen. Barack Obama, while claiming to distance himself from Mr. West’s bizarre, race-baiting stream of consciousness brain dump, joined in playing the race card in the post-Katrina recriminations. Never let a good crisis go to waste. What really happened six years ago in the Gulf, and how does it relate to the government’s response to this latest disaster? FEMA director Craig Fugate noted one critical fact that our Jurassic media friends have conveniently avoided highlighting, one that pretty much destroys the “Katrina was Bush’s fault” meme. We’ll share it with you, and also ask why it is that this storm merited so much media coverage. Could it be that happened to our friends on the East Coast as opposed to, say, Tennessee or Missouri? What can we make of Barack Obama’s bizarre statement about the storm, televised last Friday morning? If you missed it, you don’t want to miss the show.

One prominent, and by that I mean he gets invited to ALL the important cocktail parties in Georgetown and Manhattan, columnist/Obama suckup dares us to prove that Barack Obama is bad president. I’ll take my shot, and I’d like to hear yours.

On the Culture Watch segment, I’ll share a story about a friend and her 7-year old son’s iTunes library, featuring current pop sensation Ke$ha. Ms.…wait a second, she doesn’t have a last name…Ke$sha recently appeared in Chicago, and even the jaded reviewer found some of what appeared on stage disturbing. Is that even possible today in our culture? At this point, don’t we have to look UP to see the gutter? Why should civic-minded citizens give a rat’s patoot what this Ke$sha person does on stage or off? We’ll connect those dots.

The Surgeon General, Dr. Regina Benjamin, has an interesting, as in idiotic, explanation for obesity, particularly among black women. Her fellow fitness expert, albeit self-appointed and with no credentials, Michelle “Show Me the Vacation Money!” Obama has been keeping a low profile. Could it be that people are starting to refer to compare her (H/T Michael Savage) once again to Marie Antoinette, or even worse, Imelda Marcos?


Marco Rubio got a lot of buzz for his terrific speech last week at the Reagan Library, fueling new speculation about his future in the Republican Party. The growing buzz has him one of the frontrunners for the VP nomination, but is he eligible? Like Barack Obama, is he not an Article II natural born citizen? Even if he isn’t, does it matter now that Obama has been allowed to occupy the Oval Office?


Tune in Sunday for the rest of the story.


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