Meet Rachael, Our New Canine Associate Producer

Meet Rachael, Our New Canine Associate Producer

As you know, three weeks ago today, we lost our precious senior canine associate producer, Dana. At age 14, she went to the Rainbow Bridge. We were, and are, very sad, and so was her brother Sparky. We got Dana one April, and we told her that if she was a good girl, she could have her own dog. Of course, she was a very good girl, so in December, we got Sparky. (Both Dana and Sparky were adopted from shelters.) After she passed, he was very dazed and confused, and we didn’t want that to continue. So, we went back to the shelter, and got him a new sister, who we named Rachael. I guess it’s a good thing that she arrived here because, as it turns out, we were going about our daily routines, not realizing that there was an evil lurking, right here at our house!

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  1. So sweet!. Welcome aboard Rachael

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