Memorial Day Weekend, Chicago Style: Over 50 Shot

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel is obviously doing a terrific job running that city–into the ground.


This is what decades of one party, liberal democrat rule, featuring repressive and pointless “sensible gun laws,” looks like.

From NBC Chicago:

A 15-year-old girl who was riding in a car on Lake Shore Drive was among the four people killed in shootings across the city so far this Memorial Day weekend.

At least 48 others have been wounded from Friday through Sunday evening, marking another bloody weekend in Chicago. Shootings across the city were as follows.

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 Rather than being obsessed with gun control, imagine if the clueless democrats who have run Chicago for decades had been obsessed with criminal control.

Perhaps the ultimate wakeup call will be the fact that now the gang bangers and other dirtbags who have been shooting and killing each other for years have decided to take their act on the road.

From ABC:

The violence gripping many Chicago neighborhoods is apparently spilling onto its roads, and police will be out in force over Memorial Day weekend amid a spike in expressway shootings.

There have already been 20 shootings on area expressways this year, compared with 12 over the same period of 2015. Illinois State Police Director Leo Schmitz said at a news conference Thursday that he would be sending out more troopers in marked and unmarked vehicles over the holiday weekend and would have planes overhead ready to radio down about signs of gun violence.

The Chicago Police Department said it will dispatch detectives to every expressway shooting scene to assist state troopers in their investigations — an acknowledgment that gangs are taking their violent clashes from the city streets to the expressways.

“A lot of these expressway shootings go from verbal confrontations that happen inside the city and then the folks involved get on the expressways and go after each other,” said Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson.

Obama and his apparatchiks have been working overtime to bring the “urban experience” to the suburbs he so despises through initiatives like “Affirmative Furthering Fair Housing,” a wrecking ball for peaceful, middle class neighborhoods, designed to redress the “unfairness” that results when some people have children only after marriage, finish school and work hard, and others don’t. So, when these urbanites take to the expressways, they’re just getting a head start. Way to be pro-active, Guys!


  1. No. I am not in favor of any of these “increase turnout” ideas. I am vehemently opposed to early voting, relaxed absentee voting, and all these other schemes. They are all promoted by those who hope to use fraud to steal elections. When I said that those who vote instead of work, I should have mentioned that in some cases votes are cast in their names. That was the whole idea behind the Motor Voter scheme.

    Allowing the legitimate votes of American citizens to be cancelled by illegals and dead people. It’s the Chicago Way (and also the California way: MMM… both places run exclusively by one party. Coincidence?

  2. He’s a real piece of work, or something.

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