Merry Christmas from The Teri O’Brien Show

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  1. Teri:
    First, I want to wish You, Ron (AKA Thomas), and the Canine Producers (damn… I only know Dana), a very blessed but locked and loaded Christmas! A very Happy New Year too! (Perhaps a Teri Obrien New Years Party may be in the future???). Wouldn’t that be oh so cool!
    We visited my Radio Guy on Christmas Day, braving the show all the way into Iowa. It was well worth the trip as always, as my immediate Family was together again. Junior moved to a new location and showed me the new Radio Studios that they are placing in the Downtown Area. Alonge with his other duties and titles, he’s learning the intracacies of the Broadcasting Equipment from their Station Engineer. (As I was an old Ham Operator once, I had hopes that this door would open for him)… This is the highest paid position at his Station aside from the owners, and probably the most secure. I do hope that in pans out for him. Looking forward to Sunday’s show already. Did you get the stuff about Sheriff Tom Dart’s betrayal of the CCW for Cook County? Lawsuit? I volunteered some time ago to be a litigant. I don’t particularly want to advertise, but some things have to be fought for. I’m still working to get Rich Pearson and ISRA as a Sponsor for the Show. We can discuss the details that I’ll need at your convenience. Perhaps I can even ger D’Lombardo to sign-on too? I’ll shoot him an e-mail too.

    Happy New Year to You, Ron, and the Pups!

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