Michael Moore Wants U.S. to Join E.U.

Here’s an idea: Michael Moore, instead, why don’t YOU just join the EU? You’re big enough to be a country unto yourself, or at least have your own zip code.











Michael Moore pops off about Brexit vote. Remember when Miss Puerto Rico responded to the Round Mound Whose Lies Astound? I’m glad he didn’t decide to respond by showing up in a swim suit!!

I think it’s pretty clear. If B. Hussein, whose yesterday lost not one, but two open borders votes (so sad!) and Michael Moore are both against something, can it really be bad? No.

Is this Brexit vote evidence that we are reliving another year like 1980? Will we see a rebirth of the terrific, liberty-boosting relationship between Mrs. Thatcher and President Reagan that we experienced during that fabulous decade?

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  1. Have any of the people who have threatened to leave this country if someone that they don’t like is elected to office ever actually followed through on their threats? Why do they feel the need to publicly proclaim their threats? Why don’t they simply leave? No one will miss them if they do.

    • I can’t recall a single one of these goofballs who ever followed through with these silly threats. Your point that no one would miss any of them gets close to the real reason they threaten. Not because they plan to leave, but to get attention.

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