Michelle Obama, Daughters and Mother Robinson Enjoying Their Reparations in China, But Hotel Staff Isn’t (and They Probably Won’t Get a Tip)

As you know, Moochelle Obama, her daughters Sasha and Malia, and Mother Robinson, touched down in China for another well-deserved vacation disguised as a “diplomatic mission” to insure that taxpayers foot a large portion of the bill, even though the Regime has imposed a news black out on the trip.

The old lady doesn't look happy, does she?

The old lady doesn’t look happy, does she?

She and her entourage, at least 70 of which are traveling at taxpayer expense, touched down on Thursday, and apparently Mooch’s old lady has been making like miserable for the hotel staff. From the Daily Mail:

Michelle Obama and three of her family members are staying in a $8,350-per-night Beijing presidential suite, but despite a 24-hour butler and other perks that come with the lodging, her entourage has inconvenienced ‘pretty much everyone’ and made the hotel staff ‘fed up,’ a well-placed hotel staffer has told MailOnline.
The sumptuous pad at the Westin Beijing Chaoyang hotel – its website calls the room ‘an oasis of comfort – is a 3,400-square-foot masterpiece including a private steam room, ‘corner sofas with silk pillows,’ and in-room dining for six.
But the Obamas’ stay has already affected staff and guests at the hotel, with the Westin front-desk veteran alleging that Mrs. Obama’s mother Marian Robinson has been ‘barking at the staff since she arrived.’


Enjoying their well-deserved reparations.

Enjoying their well-deserved reparations.


Bow wow wow! As far as her Royal Wideness goes, we know that the only thing larger than that huge caboose she drags around is her ever growing sense of entitlement, and I guess now we know where she got it. Mother Robinson apparently wants to take full advantage of those long overdue reparations that her baby girl swerved into, courtesy of her black skin privilege. And enjoy them the Obamas have! Also from the Daily Mail:

Judicial Watch, a watchdog group in Washington, D.C., reports that it cost more than $11 million for President and Mrs. Obama to travel to Africa for Nelson Mandela’s memorial service in December.

The first couple were in Africa for less than 13 hours.

The Obamas’ 2013 visit to Africa, a longer affair, reportedly cost Americans more than $100 million.

And we now have word that even before this latest multi-million dollar junket is complete, the First Grifters are plotting their annual vacation in Martha’s Vineyard.

As they continue their ambitious “remaking” of evil, racist Amerika, the least we bitter clingers can do is make sure that they get to enjoy their leisure time.

As I’ve said many times before, Barack and Mooch figure that reparations have to start somewhere, so why not with them?

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