Michelle, The Ocean Called. They’re Running Out of Lobster. Oh, and Barack, the Jerk Store Called …

Michelle Obama, Lobster, Inauguration 2013

How many jumping jacks will Mooch have to do to keep this lunch from ending up on her already very ample posterior? From the Washington Times:

The ceremonial lunch President Obama and his former congressional colleagues are eating Monday tops out at 3,000 calories, according to a website that has tallied up the luxurious menu of lobster, bison and apple pie.

HealthyFoodRecipe.net posted the full menu, complete with its calorie count, and said it was “unsatisfactory” to see such an unhealthy spread, given first lady Michelle Obama’s push for healthier eating.

There is no end to the hypocrisy of this pair, is there? Her Royal Wideness will no doubt start wagging her finger at us about what we eat again tomorrow.

Oh, I almost forgot. Barack, the Jerk Store called. They’re running out of you.

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