Michelle’s Mom-in-Chief Masquerade

Today, just in time for Campaign 2012, Michelle Obama’s book, American Grown (Groan), hit the shelves and Mooch hit the book tour trail, performing her phony “Mom-in-Chief” act for a receptive audience of emotionally-driven, low-information women on ABC’s “The View.” In this clip, she describes how she is concerned that she is not “a classic First Lady” who might do things that are not “ok.”

Of course, she is correct. She does do a lot of things that other First Ladies have not; specifically,

That’s a small portion of the ways in which Michelle has enjoyed her well-deserved reparations.

I don’t know if we should give credit to her PR people, or the doctor who prescribed the meds that make it possible for her to pull off this phony routine. Perhaps it’s both. Regardless, if this angry, bitter woman with a race-based sense of entitlement larger than her substantial posterior can convince anyone that she is anything else, it’s a major propaganda coup.

Coming next: Baba asks Mouchelle about racism in the upcoming campaign.

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