Best Brexit Commentary Ever! Stupid Millennials

I am a big fan of Paul Joseph Watson, and his recent commentary on the delightful Brexit result is one of the best I’ve seen.

Brexit anyone? Clearly Mr. Watson shares my joy over the vote that the U.K. should exit the European Union, as well as my distress over the jaw-dropping ignorance of far too many millennials. And so should you.

An interesting side note: did you notice that yesterday, just one week after the Brexit vote, which, if it went for “Leave.” was supposed to be the beginning of an economic disaster bigger than the 2008 recession, the Great Depression and the Panic of 1873 combined, our stock market had completely recovered? Never doubt me.

Seriously, Mr. Watson’s video is HILARIOUS. This one is almost as funny, featuring some American morons back before the 2008 election who appeared on Howard Stern’s show:

More whiny little bitches share their brilliant insights here:

Oh My God, Grandma, What the Fuck Have You Done? | VICE | United Kingdom

Media Calls For ‘Ban’ On Old People Voting After Brexit Vote

One more thing: just because the Left lost this Brexit vote, don’t think that they are finished whining, stamping their feet, wetting their beds and throwing their toys. As you know, they NEVER accept defeat. Expect more phony online petitions and calls for “do-overs.” So predictable.



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