Millennials Malaise: Socialism Less Popular Than Capitalism, Which They Aren’t Crazy About Either

We’ve often documented the confusion and, in some cases, ignorance of the millennials. More evidence in this recent Harvard poll.

If you were trying to understand the reason that so many of them “feel the Bern,” perhaps this poll could help.

From The College Fix:

More than half of millennials recently surveyed by the Harvard Institute of Politics reject both capitalism and socialism, according to the poll’s results.

Perhaps surprisingly, socialism is even less popular than capitalism, with 59 percent rejecting the ideology embraced by Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, the favorite among millennials.

Just 51 percent of the 18- to 29-year-olds surveyed said they do not support capitalism.

Furthermore, Harvard student Jeff Metzger noted in Monday’s teleconference with reporters that distrust of capitalism breaks ideological bounds and shows an “alienation of the status quo.”

Say what? I don’t get it, but then I didn’t go to Harvard.

Does this poll offer some hope for the future? Not so fast.

He said this is highlighted by the finding that even 49 percent of conservatives and 54 percent of Republicans polled do not support capitalism.

Let unspoken is the actual system they support: a monarchy run by a tribe of immortal, benevolent and infinitely wise unicorns.


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