Mission Accomplished, Barry! America Cut Down to Size!

For nearly three years we have watched Barack Obama work to “remake” America, by which he means exact payback from what his lippy old lady called this “mean” country, one that needs to be taken down for its racist, imperialistic sins. His very revealing comment on American exceptionalism made clear that he does not share the view of our country that we bitter clingers have. His incessant back door end runs around the Constitution demonstrate his contempt for this sacred legacy from the Founders, as if we needed more evidence. Recall his characterization of the Constitution as a document of “negative rights.”Translation: this piece of paper written by evil dead white European men is standing between me and my grand vision of Venezuela North.

Congratulations, Barry. Your mission to take the United States down a peg or two is succeeding. From theWashington Times:

In a rare global summit where the U.S. leader is not the center of attention, President Obama leaves Wednesday evening for the Group of 20 summit in Cannes, France, with a diminished international presence and an economic-growth message being drowned out by the scramble to deal with Europe’s unresolved debt crisis.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, not the American president, will be the focus at the meeting of the 20 leading rich and developing nations, and European leaders have been looking in recent days to Beijing, not Washington, as a source of capital.

China rising. America sinking. Mission accomplished! Plus, not only can our Dear Reader feel good about the diminution of this country into just another one in the list of when the UN roll is called. He’s in Cannes, where they hold that famous film festival. Cannes is a place used to narcissistic empty suits strutting around in their perfect wardrobes, reciting words written by others, and pretending to be things that they could never be in real life. Can you think of a better place for our Celebutard-in-Chief?


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