Mitt Did The Three Things He Had to Do Last Night

I’m sure that many of you are disappointed that Mitt Romney didn’t come out swinging last night, busting Obama on his failed foreign policy exemplified by his coverup of the Libya disaster, however, all things considered, the challenger did precisely what he needed to do; specifically:

Eliminate Any Suggestion That He is a Trigger Happy, War Monger

In advance of yesterday’s debate, Obama supporters were all over the cable shows proclaiming that Mitt Romney is “George W. Bush on steroids,” ready to start a war with iran five minutes after he’s sworn in. Do you know who that idea terrifies and repels, at least according to the political geniuses? That’s right. Female voters. True or not, that’s what Gov. Romney believes, and he needed to reassure the soccer mommies that they can trust him. He did that. Any opportunity for reviews to describe Gov. Romney as “bellicose” “confrontational” or “abrasive.” Clearly coached to be assertive, Barack Obama lectured and smirked, using sarcastic cheap shots about “horses and bayonets” that I don’t think did him any good.

Convey the Impression That He is a Calm, Rational, Deliberative Leader Who Can Fix the Economy

Clearly, the economy is the number one issue on the minds of voters, and Gov. Romney kept bringing it back to that issue, which he meant to do.

Avoid Any Gaffes

There were no silly lines that Obama’s slogan-obsessed, low-information supporters in the Lame Stream Media could seize on to bash Mitt.

Barack Obama needed a knock out punch last night, and he didn’t get it. He spent most of his time defensively attacking Mitt Romney, and the reality of his unraveling foreign policy fills our tv screens every single day. All the momentum is in Gov. Romney’s favor, and nothing that happened last night changed that.

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