Mitt Off the PrompTer: “Severely Conservative”

Many have noted Governor Romney’s bizarre choice of the adverb “severely” to describe his “conservative” tenure as Massachusetts’ governor. It turns out that he ad-libbed that line.

Mitt, Mitt, Mitt. Haven’t we learned from watching the One that ad-libbing is a non-starter? Even Newt, a much more gifted off-the-cuff speaker than either Romney or Obama, screws up occasionally when saying things off the top of his head.

This gaffe is a painful reminder of what David Brooks wrote last week, and we noted here; that is, “If Rick Santorum weren’t running for president, he would still be saying the same things he is saying today. Very few people believe that about Mitt Romney. If he can’t fix that problem, he may win the Republican nomination, but it won’t be worth much.”


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