Mocking the One: MAD Magazine Analyzes Each of Obama’s Grey Hairs

MAD Magazine

From Breitbart:

April’s issue of MAD magazine will examine just why individual strands of President Obama’s hair decided to turn gray.

The parody illustration — which will be included in the magazine’s upcoming issue due out on newsstands April 19 — is titled, “A Strand-by-Strand Examination of Obama’s Gray Hairs.”

Here are some of their choice comments:

Hair #9804 — Why It Turned Gray: As a Constitutional scholar, he knows that his numerous violations of the Constitution will be studied for years by future Constitutional scholars.

Hair #14 — Why It Turned Gray: The constant strain of having to pretend to care about things like the meaningless Keystone Pipeline or the kid who got arrested for building a clock, in order to distract the public from his horrible closed-doors Trans-Pacific trade deal.

Hair #1,059 — Why It Turned Gray: Finding out that 1,358 copies of his Dreams From my Father autobiography are available for ONE CENT on Amazon.

Hair #99,878 — Why It Turned Gray: The conclusion that no matter what he does, Chicagoans will always prefer Oprah.

Hair #1,999 — Why It Turned Gray: He’s tormented by the fact that he could have freed those kidnapped girls in Africa, but he just couldn’t think of the perfect hashtag

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