Monday Morning Questions: Will Obama Ever Admit His Crushing Taxes and Endless Negativity Are Causing Economic Misery?

I could also ask “Will Barack Hussein Obama ever accept responsibility for anything?” The answer is the same “Put down the pipe.” Of course he won’t! As I pointed out on yesterday’s show, he has decided that “Sequester” is the new “Bush;” that is, his all-purpose excuse for his failures. That’s what he said last Friday, and what yesterday’s designated mouthpiece, Gene “You Will Regret Telling the Truth” Sperling said on the Sunday shows yesterday.

Today, the Wall Street Journal reports that economics expect little change in economic growth this year from 2012, and it’s no wonder. The threat of increased taxes from last year, which became a reality January 1, was a drag on the economy, but that’s not enough for the One. He continues to whine that we need to send more of our money to him to throw down various ratholes, which makes businesses sit on their cash. Here’s what you need to understand about B. Hussein: he doesn’t care if there’s a smaller pie. He only cares that he’s the one who gets to decide who gets pie and how much. Here’s another news flash. He doesn’t care of the “lucky” recipients of his largesse are worse off than those he steals from to buy their votes as a result. That’s the Chicago way. Reward your friends. Punish your enemies.

Despite what the Lo-Fos (Low information voters) think, he doesn’t care about anything other than his legacy, which depends on taking over the House in 2014 so that he can administer the coups de grace to the America we grew up in.


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