Monday Update: Low Energy? Today I Make Jeb Bush Look Like The Energizer Bunny

I’m trying to relax and build up my strength, but today is an exceptionally low energy day!

Last week I was feeling better, but today, exactly 2 weeks after my surgery, I am wondering if I’ll ever be my old self again. Maybe it’s just that Monday thing.

Or it could be that the temperature right now is 10º F right now outside.

Regardless, I want to take this opportunity to thank all you again for all your prayers, positive energy, offers of assistance, encouragement and support during my recovery from something that completely came out of Left field for me. (Don’t bad things always come from the Left?)

Any suggestions for hastening my return to full vim and vigor? Have you had a similar situation, recovering from an illness or a procedure? How did you get back to 100%? Share your suggestions below in the comments. Thanks!


  1. Scotch and Cigars.

    Take it easy, you deserve some rest. We’ll need you for the final push.

  2. The final push of Obama out the door will take all our collective strength and will. We will Trump in the end or, it is THE END. Hillary for prison 2016!

  3. I think Rachael likes bunnies. Reminds her of home at The Bunny Ranch.

  4. Randy, I just found out Donald Trump is not a real conservative. I know you will be shocked by this, but it comes from impeccable sources within the GOP elite.

  5. Ah, yes, the rotated cuff. I remember playing a badminton tournament in Zimbabwe when out of the foliage lept a great cat determined to get my birdie. I swung just as it tried to bite the birdie and its fangs became entwined in my racket like a net. Poor thing starved to death. Made a nice rug. Killed by a rotated cuff, a backhand if you must.

  6. I so appreciate these kind words of encouragement. Of course, intellectually I understand the recovery from surgery is not a linear process. So it’s not realistic to say that one will feel stronger every day. It’s two steps forward, one back sometimes. Today was like that, but it’s not forever. Thanks so very much! I know I’ve got this!

  7. Angela, you are 100% now, though, right?

  8. A quad in 2001 allows me to truly understand the recovery process. Good news is it gets better over time. A fighter will take the challenge and go on. The warrior is one who fights and wins. Keep the faith.

  9. Thanks so much, Randy. I will keep fighting, of course, and I appreciate your encouragement and support! Best,

  10. Thanks, Sis. Those words are so encouraging! It’s difficult for me to give myself permission to take a break, even when I don’t have a choice. I think I may have mentioned here that when I asked my doctor last week when I would be able to work out again, she laughed. I guess that about says it all. OK. Back to the PJ’s. Your friendship is such a blessing in my life!

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