Moochelle’s Latest Luxury Getaway on the Down Low


Hang in there, Malia. You’ll be getting away from this witch soon.


Obviously, sitting in that makeup chair, posing for soon-to-be Photoshopped Vogue covers and terrorizing a staff is exhausting!

For some reason, Moochelle’s peeps didn’t publicize her latest vacation, but those trusty newshounds at the WaPo found out anyway:

Hey isn’t that… First lady Michelle Obama spending a quiet weekend in Middleburg with daughters Malia and Sasha in tow at the tony Salamander Resort. While the president was being trailed by flashing cameras and notebook-wielding reporters on a four-country tour through Asia, Michelle Obama’s itinerary was a tad bit more low-key. On Friday she was spotted in the lobby of the luxury resort owned by multimillionaire Sheila Johnson.

I wonder if she and Mooch talked about the scourge of income inequality in this horrible racist country. No one knows because the First Klingon was “under the radar,” and that’s the way she likes it. Also from the WaPo article:

“I think it’s really nice she came to town and was so under the radar,” said Punkin Lee, president of the Middleburg Business Association. Lee said she hadn’t heard about Obama’s weekend visit until it was over. “But that’s why people come here,” she added.

I thought they come there because they want to meet someone with the name “Punkin Lee.” So darn cute!

Middleburg, however, is no stranger to Washington VIPs. The Kennedys spent many a weekend in the capital of Virginia horse country, first leasing the 400-acre Glen Ora farm and then building a country get-away they called Wexford.

Ah yes, the Kennedys. It’s nice to know that our current democrat president and his repellant old lady can be at least as phony as that bunch.

Other than a few conspicuous men in dark suits the town’s 700 residents noticed little change during the Obama visit.

“Most people didn’t know until you started seeing secret service people,” said Lee, “and then they were driving out of town.”

Good riddance.

Remember, as I always say, reparations have to start somewhere, and Barack and Michelle figure, why not with them? Keep working, Bitter Clinger. Michelle has a few more vacations planned.


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