More Critical Race Theory on Display: Obama’s Racialist DOJ Strikes Again

Jim Kouri writes in the about the Obama administration’s efforts to ensure that as many illegals as possible continue to get benefits on your dime, this time Section 8 housing.

In a case that legal experts say defies logic and common sense, in order to ensure that low-income minorities get taxpayer-subsidized housing, Obama’s Department of Justice (DOJ) has launched a nationwide discrimination probe that, ironically, is focusing on an area where the overwhelming number of public housing residents are Latino and black.

This politically and ideologically motivated witch hunt is being led by Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez. Yes, that Thomas Perez, the same guy who tried, but failed, thanks to folks like J. Christian Adams, to cover up the involvement top Regime officials in the decision to drop charges against the New Black Panther party for their cudgel-weilding voter intimidation on Election Day 2008. He flew into California recently to grandstand about his latest attempt to pander to Obama voters.

At the heavily promoted Antelope Valley press conference Perez also announced that his agency has opened a related investigation into allegations of discriminatory policing by the law enforcement agency that patrols the area, the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department. This is relevant because Perez alleges that deputies harass minority residents of government-subsidized housing in an effort to drive blacks and Latinos out of the historically white area that sits about 60 miles north of the city of Los Angeles, according to Judicial Watch’s Jill Farrell.

Officers who patrol the Antelope Valley engage in a pattern or practice of discrimination on the basis of race or national origin, Perez said, revealing that his agency made the determination after “extensive conversations with individuals” in addition to “representatives from community organizations.”

The Community Organizer in Chief strikes again.

Let’s hope no one’s stopping people from getting their birth control pills based on race or national origin.


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