More Hideous “Fashion” from the First Klingon on Her African Boondoggle

Let me say it again. Barack and Mooch figure that reparations have to start somewhere, and why not with them? No matter that, as Illinois Review’s always insightful Fran Eaton notes, “[t]here’s something very wrong with this scenario – no funds for military base 4th of July celebrations, but $100 million to burn on the US Commander in Chief’s vacation.”

It costs A LOT to look this hideous. Here’s Moochelle, on her latest taxpayer-funded boondoggle, clad in a rag that looks like it was snatched from the sale rack at Wal-Mart. Of course, instead of having a price tag of $12.95, it cost $1295.00. From Right Pundit:

Mooch $1250 dress

The post shows screenshots of a site where this horrid frock can be purchased on line, and notes “When the cost of the trip is $100M, why worry about the cost of the dress?” Indeed.

It’s good to be the queen, even if it doesn’t look that hot.



  1. Thanks for the connect, Teri. Sad thing is uninformed voters re-elected and emboldened the Obamas and we, our children and our grandchildren will be left with the bill.

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