Morning in America? Not Exactly.

As I predicted on yesterday’s show, Obama apparatchiks are lauding the two-minute Chrysler Super Bowl Ad featuring Clint Eastwood, and claiming that it will boost the One’s political fortunes in the upcoming election. This afternoon, over at the 24/7 televised insane asylum, MS-NBC, Martin Bashir compared it to Ronald Reagan’s “Morning in America” ad. This comparison is not only ridiculous. It is offensive, particularly today, the anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s birth. In fairness, though, since this show is broadcast in virtual secrecy, almost no one saw it happen. There’s another teensy weensy problem with this comparison. In 1984, the rate of economic growth was 7+%. Can the Obama economy can’t boast anything close to that? In a word, no. For the Q4 of 2011, the growth rate was 2.8%. Anemic, and the direct result of the One’s policies.

I guess we should be happy that Mr. Bashir, an unofficial, albeit obvious, spokesperson for the Regime, admits that this ad run by Government Motors, is a de facto Obama campaign ad.

Perhaps the liberals are projecting again, seeing benefits for Obama in every event. Or perhaps Karl Rove is right, and we’re seeing the Chicago Way on prominent display.

Libs, it’s not morning in America. More like darkness at noon.


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