MS-NBC: I Have Been Calling It The 24/7 Televised Insane Asylum for Years for a Reason

As you probably know, yesterday Martin Bashir, who has the distinction of having the lowest rated show on MS-NBC–think ugliest woman at a NOW convention, apologized for an especially revolting monologue describing unspeakable acts that should be inflicted on Gov. Sarah Palin. I saw this performance, and since as you know, I watched this garbage so you guys don’t have to, I was disgusted, but not surprised. If you didn’t see it, here’s the video of the original remarks (WARNING: do not watch at meal time), followed by the video of the apology.

Time for a 180:

For years, I have asked just what it was about following around Michael Jackson for a couple of days made this clown qualified to anchor “Nightline,” and then get his own show. Of course, over at the 24/7 nuthouse, the bar for hosts is pretty low. Consider Rev. Al Sharpton and the porcine screamer, Ed Schulz. Speaking of him, he got suspended for calling Laura Ingraham a “right wing slut,” and Alec Baldwin also lost some airtime for an anti-homosexual outburst (yes, he has a show on MS-NBC. I know you don’t know. Almost no one knew.) Yet Bashir gets off with this expedient apology. Is it because he has a British accent?

Do you suppose he’ll get a call from B. Hussein, reminding him that we need to be more civil in our political discourse? You don’t think so? You mean all that “soaring rhetoric” after the Gabby Giffords’ shooting was just politically-motivated clap trap?


  1. basher should not speak with his mouth full

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