WATCH: MSNBC’s Morning Joe Plays Montage of Liberal Elites & Dems Calling Elections Stolen

The liberal elitists were clutching their pearls and rushing to their fainting couches over Donald Trump’s common sense statement that he is leaving open the possibility of challenging election irregularities. Shocking! How dare he!

Reserving the right to validate an election when we’ve got ample evidence from Project Veritas, Wikileaks and numerous other sources confirming what we have known for decades; that is, that vote fraud, especially on the part of democrats, has been rampant and is indeed a part of their election strategy? Who does this Trump guy think he is?

This morning, Joe Scarborough mocked the phony liberal outrage displayed by the likes of Van Jones, David Axelrod, Anderson Cooper, Patti Solis, David Gregory and a whole passel of other liberal fools on CNN after last night’s debate.

Then they played this video, showing liberals and democrats disputing a series of elections.

Is it just me, or is the liberal feigned outrage routine is REALLY getting old?

Hillary Clinton who last night said that Trump’s comments were “horrifying” herself said that George W. Bush was “selected not elected” after Al Gore refused to accept the results of the 2000 election.

See also this piece, “8 Times Liberals Claimed an Election was Stolen or Rigged.”

Who does this fools think that they are kidding? I wonder if Barack Hussein Obama thinks any of these statements by liberals “undermine our democracy,” as he stated today in Florida of Trump’s comments



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