Plea Deal Given to Dirtbag Charged in Murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry

The Fast and Furious coverup continues, with a plea deal given to one of the guys charged in murder of U.S. Border agent Brian Terry.

From KVOA, Tucson, AZ:

One of the men charged in the murder of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry pleaded guilty to one count of murder, Monday morning. Once a potential candidate for the death penalty after the murder of the agent, the drawn up plea deal now states that the U.S. and the defendant will ask for 360 months imprisonment, with credit for time served since his arrest in October 2012.

The Justice Department indicted Rosario Rafael Burboa Alvarez last summer in connection with the killing. Alvarez was identified as the recruiter for the rip-off crew that ran into Terry’s elite BORTAC unit in the desert in December 2010. Terry was killed in the ensuing gunfight with the rip-off crew and later two AK-47 variants found at the crime scene were identified as part of the notorious Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives gunwalking operation, Operation Fast and Furious. The scandalous operation was supposed to link guns bought at a Phoenix-area gunstore to cartel gunmen trafficking the weapons to Mexico. Instead, ATF lost more than 2,000 of those weapons. Resulting congressional investigations found that the men linked to the gun purchases were being monitored by different U.S. federal agencies like DEA, the FBI and ATF, but agents weren’t sharing the information with the other agencies.

So this dirtbag gets 30 years and credit for time served, with all other charges dropped. I guess the Obama Regime didn’t want a trial, which would allow the defense discovery. Think of all the fascinating little nuggets of information about Fast and Furious we might have found out if that happened. No, they couldn’t have that. Make a plea deal and keep the cover up going.

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