Murdered Canadian Soldier Corporal Nathan Cirillo Was Also a Dog Rescuer and Father

Corporal Nathan Cirillo, murdered on Wednesday, by Islamic lunatic

Corporal Nathan Cirillo, murdered on Wednesday, by Islamic lunatic


As you know, on Wednesday, a scumbag criminal, trying to wrap his violent, anti-social behavior in the mantle of religion and ideology, murdered Corporal Nathan Cirillo, who was guarding the National War Memorial in Ottawa, Canada. He was unarmed, which was insane. We can only hope that the Canadian government will come to its senses, and give the good guys guns so that they can protect themselves and law-abiding citizens from savages like this contemptible killer who shot Corporal Cirillo in the back.

When I read about this incident, like you, I was disgusted and enraged. The one saving grace was that unlike the Obama Regime, Prime Minister Stephen Harper was not afraid to call this act what is was: terrorism. It was an attack on the government of Canada, and on the civil society, just as the Fort Hood incident was. Those killings were not “work place violence,” not matter what the PC-besotted Obamabots persist in saying.

In addition to being the father of a six-year old boy, Corporal Cirillo was a dog rescuer. I found these photos on his Instagram feed.CirilloSon&Dog

It doesn’t seem like a good deal; that is, this guy is taken from us in an incident in which humanity was also got rid of a worthless bag of protoplasm like the Ottawa killer. Things like this tragedy make me wish I could understand God’s plan a little better.NathanCirillo&DoginWater

Rest in piece, Corporal Cirillo. You and your family, including your two precious pups and your son, are in our prayers.



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