“Very Religious” Muslim, His Saudi Wife, Shoot Up Christmas Party. Obama’s Answer: More Gun Control

Never let a crisis go to waste, right, Barry? This time gun control. In other cases, more suffocating regulations or crushing tax increases. Whatever the question, the answer from the radical leftist is always trampling liberty.

And of course, in addition to a war on local law enforcement and the 2nd amendment, what this country needs more “refugees” that we can’t vet from God knows where. I’m sorry if you aren’t smart enough to understand that.

From The Wall Street Journal:

In what has become a ritual in the aftermath of a mass shooting, President Barack Obama repeated his call for stricter gun control laws after another deadly attack on Wednesday, this one in San Bernardino, Calif.

“We have a pattern now of mass shootings in this country that has no parallel anywhere else in the world,” Mr. Obama told CBS News in an interview taped Wednesday.

Current reports state that the firearms in this case were purchased legally, just as the guns involved in the Sandy Hook murders. Notice how our Dear Reader once again takes an opportunity to point out that America sucks.

Speaking to CBS’s Norah O’Donnell, Mr. Obama called for stronger background checks for gun purchases and other “common sense” firearms laws that could curb mass shootings.

“Common sense?” Oh yes, when we’re looking for that the very first place we should go is to some thin-skinned, narcissistic refugee from the faculty lounge enamored with Marxism. Forgive me, Sir, but decades of experience has shown that we’d have a better chance getting “common sense” from 6 year-old children than from liberals.

Now, we have the “search for a motive.” MMM …

From CBS News:

Police have identified [Syed Rezwan] Farook, a 28-year-old American citizen born in Chicago and employee with the San Bernardino County Department of Health, and Tashfeen Malik, a 27-year-old female who is Farook’s wife, as the two suspects involved in the shooting.

Police said Farook was at a holiday banquet with coworkers before leaving abruptly and returning with his wife. Shortly after, shots were fired.

“Holiday banquet?” Wasn’t it a Christmas party? There’s this interesting tidbit from CNN:

Farook and his wife left their 6-month-old girl with Farook’s grandmother Wednesday and said they had a doctor’s appointment.

The grandmother became concerned when she saw reports of the shooting and couldn’t reach him. (emphasis mine)

Does that sound a tad odd to anyone else? She can’t reach him and her first thought  is “Oh no. Syed is shooting up his office?” What does she know that authorities don’t?

They were wearing tactical gear, and had a large stash of ammo. There were pipe bombs in their car. Syed’s father said he was “very religious.”

Obviously this horrific murderous rampage was just another case of spontaneous “workplace violence.” And yes, it was a “gun free zone.”


  1. No security at gun free facility. And the answer is “more common sense gun control”? Only in the “mind” of a lib. Oops, they passed background checks. I guess the safe place wasn’t!

    • Randy, don’t you find that item from the CNN story very interesting; that is, that his grandmother heard about this shooting and became concerned. Yes, it could be that she feared he was among the victims, or was it that she had seen him becoming radicalized and feared that he was the shooter?

      • Only Allah knows for sure. Obama will call it work place violence! The wife was from Saudi Arabia, or I believe Egypt, since I worked with a Malik years ago. He was fired for falsifying his resume.

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