MUST READ: Rich Lowry: Let’s Talk About Guns, Except the Ones Blacks Use to Shoot Other Blacks in Chicago

This morning in Politico Rich Lowry responds brilliantly to our race-baiting Al Sharpton clone of an Attorney General, Eric “Race Card” Holder’s call for a “national conversation about race.” I can’t wait until we get Rachel Jeantel’s response! You should read the whole thing, but here are some excerpts:

Let’s take a tragedy and make it a racial crime. Let’s not acknowledge the evidence suggesting that Trayvon Martin was beating George Zimmerman. Let’s never, ever admit that if Martin hadn’t hit Zimmerman, he would almost certainly be alive today. …

Let’s act as if the main threat to young black men in America is overzealous neighborhood watch volunteers who erroneously consider them suspicious, call the police and follow them, then shoot them in self-defense after a violent altercation in confusing circumstances that will never be entirely disentangled. Let’s pretend that this happens all the time.

Let’s send down the memory hole reports of burglaries and attempted break-ins in Zimmerman’s community that, according to a Reuters report, “had created an atmosphere of growing fear in the neighborhood.”…

Let’s not talk about the 90 percent of black murder victims killed by other blacks. That is not a fit topic for the nation’s wide-ranging national conversation. Why should we get worked up about something that happens on the streets of Chicago literally every night? If you are bothered by routine slaughter, sadly, you just don’t get it. For national conversation purposes, not all murders are equal. …

Let’s talk about guns, except the guns that black men use to shoot other black men. No one should worry too much about those guns, or attempt to take them out of the hands of the people carrying them illegally, because that’s racist (please see above and try to follow along — this essential national dialogue cannot succeed without your careful attention).

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  1. I wrote about this over on The Diplomad at

    I provided some stats from Chicago on murders. Horrifying stuff.

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