NBC Journos Put Chicago Slime Artist Axelrod on the Hot Seat

The Teri O’Brien Show, Third Hour, Inauguration Day Edition-Stuff We Didn’t Get To on Yesterday’s Show

I have to apologize to the live audience of yesterday’s show, featuring my interview with Ted Nugent. I was trying to put 5 pounds of stuff in a 2-pound bag, and not surprisingly, I didn’t have time to share all the content that we had in the board. One glaring omission, but one that will be anti-climatic, is the answer to the question we played during the show open. On yesterday’s edition of “Meet the Press,” Tom Brokaw asked Chicago slime artist David Axelrod what Barack Obama meant when he told Dmitri Medvedev that he’d have more “flexibility” after the election. After first making the risible claim that he didn’t “know that he said flexible,” he admitted that he was going to evade the question. Here’s the audio:


In addition, NBC’s Richard Engel, who was recently kidnapped in Syria, pushed back on Axelrod’s assertion that the so-called “Arab Spring” was some spontaneous event caused by Facebook by saying that if we hadn’t “turned our back on Mubarek,” the mess in Syria wouldn’t have happened. He also jabbed the Obama administration, by saying that the U.S. is best known now for our drone policy.



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