NBC’s David Gregory: Being a Muslim “Delegitimizes” a President

On yesterday’s edition of the Teri O’Brien Show, we played the audio of the following exchange between Speaker of the House John Boehner and David Gregory of NBC News. It occurred immediately after Gregory played a video clip of an Iowa focus group conducted by pollster Frank Luntz, in which several participants dared to express their opinion that Barack Hussein Obama just might be a Muslim. (You can hear the audio at ~1:50, right at the end of the show.) Here is the transcript, with some commentary interspersed.


MR. GREGORY:  As the speaker of the House, as a leader, do you not think it’s your responsibility to stand up to that kind of ignorance?

SPEAKER BOEHNER:  David, it’s not my job to tell the American people what to think.  Our job in Washington is to listen to the American people.  Having said that, the state of Hawaii has said that he was born there.  That’s good enough for me.  The president says he’s a Christian.  I accept him at his word.

MR. GREGORY:  But isn’t that a little bit fast and loose?  I mean, you are the leader in Congress and you’re not standing up to obvious facts and saying, “These are facts.  If you don’t believe that, it’s nonsense.”


So now, apparently it’s the job of the Speaker of the House to make sure that American citizens get their minds right and accept the “facts” as members of the Lame Stream Media see them? Who knew? I don’t recall Mr. Gregory demanding that Speaker Pelosi assume similar responsibilities. In fact, he not only didn’t insist that she denounce inaccurate statements made by big mouth bitter clingers like those people in Iowa. My recollection is that he didn’t require her own statements or those of the members of her party to even pass the laugh test.


SPEAKER BOEHNER:  I just outlined the facts as I understand them.  I believe that the president is a citizen.  I believe the president is a Christian. I’ll take him at his word.  But, but…

MR. GREGORY:  But that kind of ignorance about whether he’s a Muslim doesn’t concern you?

Why should it, Howdy Doody? Is there something wrong with being a Muslim? Aren’t you guys always wringing your hands about anti-Muslim prejudice? Speaker Boehner, the issue isn’t whether he’s a citizen. It is whether he is an Article II “natural born citizen.”

SPEAKER BOEHNER:  Listen, the American people have the right to think what they want to think.  I can’t–it’s not my job to tell them.

MR. GREGORY:  Why isn’t it your job to stand up and say, “No, the facts are these”?


MR. GREGORY:  Didn’t John McCain do that…

SPEAKER BOEHNER:  I, I, I just did.

MR. GREGORY:  What you’re saying, “It’s good enough for me,” is that really standing up and saying, for those who believe that or who would talk about that–you had a member of Congress, you had a new tea party freshman who was out just yesterday speaking to conservatives, and he said, “I’m fortunate enough to be an American citizen by birth, and I do have a birth certificate to prove it.” That was Raul Labrador, a new–a congressman from Idaho.  Is that an appropriate way for your members to speak?


So now, we aren’t even supposed to talk about certain subjects. Why is it suddenly so important for an alleged “journalist,” who one would assume is a supporter of the First Amendment, to demand that certain subjects are off limits, particular subjects about our elected officials?


SPEAKER BOEHNER:  The gentleman was, was trying to be funny, I would imagine.

Liberals like Mr. Gregory don’t have a sense of humor, especially about the One. Don’t waste your time, Mr. Speaker.

But remember something, it’s not–it really is not our job to tell the American people what to believe and what to think.  There’s a lot of information out there, people read a lot of things…

MR. GREGORY:  You shouldn’t stand up to misinformation or stereotypes?

SPEAKER BOEHNER:  …but, but, but, but, but I’ve made clear what I believe the facts are.


That’s not good enough for the Grand Inquisitor. He continued with his Stalinist show trial style interrogation, just as he did last month to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, this time attributing a bad motive for the Speaker’s unwillingness to denounce the thought crimes being committed daily across this country.


MR. GREGORY:  But is, is it, is it because it weakens the president politically, it seeks to delegitimize him that you sort of want to let it stay out there?


“Delegitimize?” So being a Muslim delegitimizes a political candidate or office holder? Once again, who knew? What’s next: Barack Obama saying “I’m not a Muslim. Not there’s anything wrong with that?”


SPEAKER BOEHNER:  No.  What I’m trying to do is to do my job.  Our job is to focus on spending.  We’re spending too much money here in Washington.  The president’s going to outline this new budget tomorrow, that I outlined earlier, spends too much, borrows too much, and taxes too much.  And the president wants to talk about winning the future.  This isn’t winning the future, it’s spending the future.


At this point, Mr. Gregory probably realized that he was making a fool of himself again, and gave up this ridiculous third degree, presumably until the next time that he has another Republican on his show, at which time he will again beat the drum in favor of silencing any speech that could threaten the political fortunes of Barack Obama.


Here’s a thought for Mr. Gregory, Chris Matthews and his friends over at the 24-7 televised insane asylum, MS-NBC: perhaps you should take some bold action to address the evil thoughts that are floating about and even being expressed in this country. If government officials are responsible for correcting the “inaccuracies” that some Americans dare to believe are true, and replace them with approved “facts,” start a campaign for some re-education camps. Perhaps you could even recruit those teachers who had their students writing and singing anthems to the Dear Reader as faculty members. MMM …MMM …MMM


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