VIDEO: Never Doubt Me. More Evidence That Many Young People are CLUELESS

No wonder democrats want young people to vote.

Many of you will recall that I explained the 2008 election of America’s first affirmative-action elected president, who also happens to be a Marxist, could be attributed to the brilliant strategy of the Obama campaign; specifically, they got people to the polls whose only previous experience with voting consisted of texting in the number for their favorite “American Idol” contestant on a Tuesday night. Needless to say, as I said at the time,  these people couldn’t name their members of Congress or 1 Supreme Court Justice at gun point. (So sorry! I should have issued a trigger alert before that! Wait–shouldn’t you have to issue a trigger alert BEFORE you use the term “trigger alert?”)

Never doubt me. This video from last week proves how true that is.

For more on the depressing lack of knowledge of the younger generation, read this piece.


  1. If ignorance is bliss, the millennials are delirious with it!

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