Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste: Anti-Freedom Left Will Exploit CT Tragedy

I’m not going to spend a lot of time addressing the very predictable and silly bleating by the freedom-hating Left in the wake of the horrible murders yesterday in Newtown, Connecticut. Once again, in the immortal words of Rahm “Tiny Dancer” Emanuel, they don’t want a crisis to go to waste, and as usual, the “solutions” they offer are anything but. Instead, they exploit tragedies to advance their big government agenda and their desire to “control the people,” to quote another democrat.

We may never know the reason for the actions of this shooter, and I am not infected with the arrogance of those who claim to know not only the reason, but simplistic answer about what to do to prevent evil actions like this from ever happening again. As desirable as that would be, that solution is beyond the ability of human beings. Our best hope of intervening is the traditional family, something that the very same people who are wringing their hands and demanding more gun control, have done their best to destroy.

Once again I will reference this legendary Wall Street Journal editorial, which was unsigned, but we now know was written by Daniel Henninger, entitled No Guardrails,” in which he blames cultural elites for tearing down the boundaries that traditional society erected to help protect those who needed help navigating the vicissitudes of life. The troubled, the dim-witted, and even the insane are best identified and helped by those closest to them, and even a government as wonderfully caring and benevolent as the one in every liberal’s wet dream is incapable of the type of intervention that a loving family can provide. Ironically, that’s just what the left wants to throw on the ash heap of history. 

Barack Obama’s tearful statement about this tragedy may have been sincere. It’s not hard to believe that one could become emotional thinking about young lives snuffed out before they barely had a chance to begin. Perhaps he might feel better if he thinks of these murdered children as abortion survivors left to die alone in dirty hospital closets. He  and other liberals say “these children are our children,” but of course, they aren’t. They are their parents’ children, and just as he and his liberal institutions weren’t there to help this nutcase shooter, they won’t be there the next time. Ironically, his statement of the need for “meaningful action to prevent tragedies like this regardless of the politics” is nothing but politics, and another transparent attempt to capitalize on this horrible event to advance his anti-freedom agenda. It’s disgusting, but oh so predictable. As the Gorebot might say, a leopard doesn’t change his stripes.


  1. Oathkeepers… The Federal Government is Guilty Accomplice in School Shooting in Newtown Connecticut

  2. The agents of Lucifer called The Westboro Baptist Church…AND OBAMA…will both be in CT TODAY! A POWDER KEG JUST MIGHT ERUPTI AM ASHAMED TO HAVE LIVED IN THIS HELLHOLE ALL MY LIFE!

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