Never Mind. Now I Understand Why We Wanted the Boston Bombers Here. To Collect Welfare Benefits.

On last Sunday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, we discussed the fact that there are a lot of questions remaining about the activities of the Tsarnaev brothers, not the least of which is “who paid for these two mopes to live in what they considered this evil infidel country?” Now we have part of our answer. From the Boston Herald:

Marathon bombings mastermind Tamerlan Tsarnaev was living on taxpayer-funded state welfare benefits even as he was delving deep into the world of radical anti-American Islamism, the Herald has learned.

State officials confirmed last night that Tsarnaev, slain in a raging gun battle with police last Friday, was receiving benefits along with his wife, Katherine Russell Tsarnaev, and their 3-year-old daughter. The state’s Executive Office of Health and Human Services said those benefits ended in 2012 when the couple stopped meeting income eligibility limits. Russell Tsarnaev’s attorney has claimed Katherine — who had converted to Islam — was working up to 80 hours a week as a home health aide while Tsarnaev stayed at home.

In addition, both of Tsarnaev’s parents received benefits, and accused brother bombers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan were recipients through their parents when they were younger, according to the state.

If democrats had their way, this bunch would also have free broadband internet. 

Other questions about these two mopes that I mentioned on last Sunday’s show, which many are asking, is “why exactly were they in the country?” and “Other than murdering four people, and maiming a couple hundred others, what did they contribute to America?”

Never mind, it’s all clear now.

Actually, it’s not. Were welfare benefits really sufficient to fund Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s trip to Russia? How did they afford that? Democrats, and useful idiot Republicans, promoting amnesty for illegals bleat their usual “nothing to see here,” they had no connection to foreign terrorists, full speed ahead on our “comprehensive immigration reform,” but I am not persuaded.

If this case doesn’t prove to you that we need to expedite the legalization of millions of illegal aliens, I don’t know what would.

What say you?


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