New Hampshire GOP Debate-athon: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show, 1/8/12

We learned at least three things from the Two Debates and Twelve Hours Weekend; specifically, (1) you can take a liberal apparatchik like George Stephanopoulos out of the office, but you can’t take apparatchik out of the guy. (2) When Newt starts a sentence “I find it fascinating,” he’s about to deliver one of his delicious smack downs of the person dumb enough to put a fastball right in his wheelhouse. (3) There are two Ron Pauls, the one who oozes common sense when he discusses plans to reduce the size of government and follow the Constitution, which he has no hope of implementing, and the scary one who, as President, would be in a position to make the world a much more dangerous place. Did the anticipated Santorum-Gingrich tag team materialize in either of these debates? Did they lay a glove on the Establishment’s anointed candidate Mitt Romney? Most important, how much longer do we have to pretend that vacuous pretty boys are qualified to lead? I refer not to Gov. Romney, but to Valley Boy, NBC’s David Gregory. I concede that these debates often seem like game shows. In fact, the sets look like something out of “The Weakest Link” or “Deal or No Deal,” but I don’t think that means that broadcasting outlets should inflict a guy who would be challenged to competently host an actual game show on audiences of ostensibly serious people. If you think I’m being harsh and unfair to Mr. Gregory, I’ll play you the evidence.
We’ll also talk about the Jodi Kantor’s new book about the Obamas, which suggests that Valerie Jarrett is a dishonest, backstabbing schemer. Now that’s the sort of insightful reporting you look for from a New York Times reporter! The book also describes Michelle as a teensy weensy bit self-absorbed, if you can believe that.
Tune in Sunday for the rest of the story.
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