AUDIO: Hear Gov. John Kasich, The Sally Field of Politics, Before New Hampshire Explain His Surge

I told you several months ago that pathetic RINO Gov. John Kasich would do well in New Hampshire by getting “moderates” (read liberals and democrats) to cross over and vote for him.


Based on at least one poll today, that appears to be happening.

On yesterday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, I played you the unbelievably stupid remarks by this clown. Listen to this fool (bite starts at ~1:07:53 in yesterday’s show, but you can hear it right here below):

Can you believe this doofus? No, listen again. I listened to it 5 times and I still don’t believe it.

A lot of things are a “mystery” to this imbecile. The “mentally ill and drug addicted?” I guess that’s why people think he should be a democrat.

“I have had so many democrats walk up to me and say ‘hey, we like you. We hope you’re going to be Republican. We’re not going to vote for you in the fall, ah, but we think you make a lot of sense.”

(Seriously? Where were these people when I was trying to figure out what this idiot was saying during Saturday’s GOP debate on ABC? And who is this guy, Sally Field? “You like me, you really like me!”)

“You know, look, I’m in a Republican primary, but whoever is going to like me, I consider that to be a good thing. Shows my ability, perhaps, to assemble that Reagan coalition of blue-collar democrats.”

Uh, hello? Excuse me, Governor. What was that a clinic called “How to lose in November?”  Ronald Reagan was not a LOSER, which you just said you would be happy to be. You’re just delighted if democrats come up to you and stroke your silly ego, then vote for Hillary and Bernie when it counts in November! This is what we need from a nominee? We’ve seen this movie before. Bob Dole (great American, but RINO “tax collector for the welfare state”), John McCain (once again, humbled by his amazing military service, but terrible RINO candidate, who refused to take it to Marxist Barack Hussein Obama) and Mitt Romney (nice guy who had conservatism as a 2nd language, and was Obama’s dream opponent because he couldn’t attack Obamacare).

I can certainly understand why democrats want to set up the weakest and dumbest opponent they can for Hillary, Bernie, or Joe Biden, and this jerk doesn’t care as long as he can say he won New Hampshire. Republicans in that state, at the risk of sounding like Donald Trump, how stupid are people there? Governor, you do not have a snowball’s chance in hell of becoming the GOP nominee. Please go away.


  1. His delegates will go to the RNC elite candidate *when* he drops out. He will probably leave after New Hampshire. Those delegates then go to Rubio/Bush, just like Carly’s, Rand’s, Santorum’s, Walker’s and Christy’s. Add those together and add the delegates the RNC gets and a real candidate has their work cut out for them.

    • I think you are–hesitant to say it because I know you’re sick of it–right. Thinking like this is why you will always be our conspiracy editor. He’s giving away the game with the idiocy in this post, no?

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