New York 26 Provides Lesson for GOP: Uncontested Demagoguery Works

From a breathless New York Times, writing about the victory of Democrat Kathy Hochul in the special election in upstate New York :

[W]hen Medicare erupted as a driving issue in the race, Ms. Corwin, a wealthy former Wall Street analyst, was knocked off balance and struggled to respond.

In the closing hours of the race, Ms. Corwin admitted as much, saying about her rival’s attacks: “When she started making these comments, I thought, ‘This is so outrageous no one would ever believe it.’ Apparently some people did.”

Dare to dream, Ms. Corwin. This Mediscare routine from the Jackass Party is so old if it were a person it would have been collecting Medicare since the program started, and you and your people should definitely have been prepared to respond to it. The democrats are playing a cruel and cynical game with voters, both those over 65, who they know won’t be effected by Paul Ryan’s proposal, and those under 55, whose only hope of seeing any of the money that is being confiscated from them is something like Cong. Ryan’s proposal. The truth is that Medicare is being destroyed, but not by Paul Ryan, but by those who want to kick the can down the road, so that by 2024, benefits will be reduced by 25% if nothing is done.

Say it loud, say it proud, GOP, or prepare to lose and lose again.

And, oh yes, keep your shirts on.

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