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For weeks, it was the story that wouldn’t die, at least over at the 24/7 broadcast insane asylum known as MS-NBC, which I watch so you don’t have to. There, day after day, the network’s clever pundits expressed astonishment over its continued presence on the national radar screen. Why wouldn’t it die? This story has legs, actually four of them. It’s the story of Mitt Romney’s Irish setter Seamus, and his infamous car ride atop the family car back in 1983. What better metaphor for the insensitivity or even cruelty of this out-of-touch, filthy rich bastard than the way he treated his own dog? Can there be any doubt, they said, that this story will resonate throughout the presidential campaign and inspire more doubts about whether anyone as wealthy as Gov. Romney can relate to average Americans? As it turns out, there can be doubt about that, and thanks to some tremendous investigative reporting into Barack Obama’s background, as in reading one of the One’s autobiographies, the legs have been cut out from under the Seamus story. Many have pointed out that any dog would agree that it is better to ride on the roof of a car than to end up on the roof of someone’s mouth as the Blue Plate Special.

Bo responds to media questions about whether Barack Obama has ever suggested that he might be awfully tasty.

Amazingly, now that Barack Obama’s canine consumption has been revealed, our Lame Stream Media friends have done a complete 180, with the chin-pulling analysis of the Seamus story turning to incessant hand-wringing over the need to obsess over silly, non-issues about events from decades ago, while ignoring real issues, such as the ridiculously high unemployment and even higher federal spending, which will no doubt continue to dog the Dear Reader.

There are real issues, of course, in addition to our limping economy, including the continued presence in office of a man who is a race-obsessed serial liar with a shadowy past. No, not B. Hussein Obama, although I concede that the words do fit him as well. I refer to the Attorney General Eric Holder, who has yet to explain his changing stories on the disgusting Fast and Furious operation. Now a new scandal is brewing. Did Eric Holder withhold material information from the U.S. Senate prior to his confirmation, and will this fact, along with the scandalous way in which he has done his job, cost Obama the election? We’ll ask our guest, Jim Kouri, CPP, the fifth Vice President and Public Information Officer of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, and Law Enforcement columnist for the Examiner.

One of the Sunday show panels featured  the repeatedly-fired and always borderline nuts Keith Olbermann. You don’t want to miss his theory of what’s causing high gas prices. The crazy is strong is this one.

Join us Sunday for the rest of the story.


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