NEWSFLASH: Chicago Bears’ QB Married to a Moron Who Wants to Put Their Children At Risk of Serious Illness


From The Chicago Tribune:

Experts warned against the dangers of following celebrity advice after reality star Kristin Cavallari acknowledged Thursday that she and husband Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler decided not to vaccinate their children.

When directly asked whether she was opposed to vaccines during an appearance on the Fox Business Network program, The Independents, Cavallari said, “we don’t vaccinate.” The reason? “I’ve read too many books about autism and the studies,” she said.

But some wondered what Cavallari had been reading. The supposed association between childhood shots and autism has been debunked by scientific studies involving millions of children and a lack of evidence for it.

Sure, because when responsible parents are looking for advice on how to insure that their children are healthy who better to look to than a “reality star?”

I like the way she tries to convince us that she’s “read too many books.” Yeah right. Ms. Cavallari, no one believes that you can actually read, so give us a break, ok?

The Center for Disease Control has stated definitively that there is no connection between vaccination and autism. Maybe Ms. Cavallari should get someone to read the CDC study to her.

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