NEWSFLASH: Chicago Bears’ QB Married to a Moron Who Wants to Put Their Children At Risk of Serious Illness


From The Chicago Tribune:

Experts warned against the dangers of following celebrity advice after reality star Kristin Cavallari acknowledged Thursday that she and husband Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler decided not to vaccinate their children.

When directly asked whether she was opposed to vaccines during an appearance on the Fox Business Network program, The Independents, Cavallari said, “we don’t vaccinate.” The reason? “I’ve read too many books about autism and the studies,” she said.

But some wondered what Cavallari had been reading. The supposed association between childhood shots and autism has been debunked by scientific studies involving millions of children and a lack of evidence for it.

Sure, because when responsible parents are looking for advice on how to insure that their children are healthy who better to look to than a “reality star?”

I like the way she tries to convince us that she’s “read too many books.” Yeah right. Ms. Cavallari, no one believes that you can actually read, so give us a break, ok?

The Center for Disease Control has stated definitively that there is no connection between vaccination and autism. Maybe Ms. Cavallari should get someone to read the CDC study to her.


  1. The only reason that these medical luddite vaccinophobes are able to escape the dangers of the communicable diseases that they so foolishly court by neglecting (Yes, I do consider it negligence on the parent’s part) to vaccinate their children is that 60 years of vaccination programs have fought these terrible diseases to a standstill. The idiocy of purposefully avoiding vaccinating children may yet breathe new life into the diseases we for all practical purposes had defeated.

    • We can only hope that people are smart enough to realize that a “reality star” is probably not the best source of information on keeping themselves and their families healthy.

      • I can’t help but notice the similarities between the true believers of the “Vaccines cause autism” and the “Humans are causing climate change” movements. Both groups have placed their opponents in the near impossible position of proving a negative. What proof would those true believers accept that humans are not the cause of climate change or that vaccines are not causing autism? Answer: none. I suspect that there is also a large amount of overlap between the two groups.

        • Great point! And the sad thing is that these parents endangering their children’s health, and that of others, don’t realize that while most of them are well-intentioned, they are all patsies for trial lawyers. That’s the group that ginned up this foolishness to line their own pockets.

  2. We don’t vaccinate and it’s been two yrs. since anyone of my children have even had a runny nose. And that is eight children I’m referring to. Besides it’s only a matter of time before your president signs an executive order to mandate that we all get chipped via these vaccines, don’t believe me look it up in your precious ACA! I will continue to resist this govt. attempt to further control US! I believe you, Robert A, to be the Idiot for being so close minded and believing everything the Govt. tells you! FACT: A healthy diet, of natural foods, and exercise can combat almost all viruses and diseases.

    • Hi Dank, Thanks for your comment. I don’t agree with you, but I don’t think you’re an idiot. I appreciate and share the concern about government over reach. I think we’re all the seeing the tyrannical behavior of the Obama regime. Don’t get me started. I think that education is the answer. Unfortunately, I think that many people are not making an informed decision. They read and hear alarmist misinformation, mostly created by ambulance chasers so that they can enrich themselves, that claims that vaccinations cause autism (never proven, not even close), and they rush headlong, leading the charge. If these low-information zealots could limit the impact of their decisions to themselves and their own children, I don’t think any freedom-loving American would mind;however, we fear that unvaccinated children could spread disease.
      I, for one, am very happy to have been born after the polio vaccine arrived. Aren’t you?
      Thanks again.

  3. I am sick of celebutards, most of whom barely graduate from high school, pretending to be experts on serious matters, be it medicine, fitness, or public policy. This woman has a platform because her husband is a professional athlete, but she doesn’t know jack about medicine. She is just regurgitating the foolishness that she heard from the likes of Jenny McCarthy for heaven’s sake! Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

  4. I think our kids get more vaccinations because we have the best health care in the world, and we are a first-world country. The reason that we don’t see a lot of outbreaks is because most people are smart enough to be vaccinated and make sure that their children are also vaccinated. The issue of mercury in vaccines was created to benefit trial lawyers who are always looking for a deep pocket. As I recall this whole issue about vaccinations got trumped up because trial lawyers decided to pin increases on autism on vaccinations. It’s far more likely that increases in autism are caused because so many women are having children when they are older than by vaccinations.
    BTW, I LOVE big pharmaceutical companies. They have not only given millions of people good jobs. They have also saved, and continue to save, millions of lives.

  5. Dr. Oz, another TV “expert” inflicted on us by the Oprah. God help us!

  6. Absolutely agree with you Diana. Dr Oz is another one of those “experts” inflicted on us by the Oprah, NATCH. Thanks for commenting! Please check back soon!

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