Nice Try, Hillary, But Democrats Can’t Escape Responsibility for 2008 Crash

As we told you on last week’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama both have their fingerprints all over the 2008 housing bubble, and the resulting financial crisis.


Now Crooked Hillary is trying to say that Donald Trump wanted the crash to happen. As if. As if, even if that were true that would be as bad as helping to cause it in the 1st place!

Yes, even Time Magazine, hardly some part of the “vast right wing conspiracy” called Bill Clinton one of the top 25 people responsible for the 2008 crash. And he’s the guy YOU, Mrs. Clinton, have said you are going to put in charge of the economy.

The person who wants to put one of the people in charge of the 2008 crash has no business being president.



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