Nice Try, Obama Regime, But Facebook Privacy Settings Don’t Change Your Policy

As reported here earlier today, Jeh Johnson, Obama’s Sec. of Homeland Security, a title which would be a bad joke if it weren’t so dangerous, decided against ending a secret U.S. policy that prohibits immigration officials from reviewing social media posts of foreigners applying for U.S. visas. Now the Regime is feeding the Lame Stream Media, starting with CNN, the excuse that Tashfeen Malik’s Facebook privacy settings, and the fact that she used an alias, meant they couldn’t have seen them.


Tashfeen Malik advocated jihad in messages on social media, but her comments were made under a pseudonym and with strict privacy settings that did not allow people outside a small group to see them, U.S. law enforcement officials told CNN on Monday.

Nice try, Guys, but since you had a policy against at looking at social media PERIOD, to paraphrase Hillary Clinton, what difference does it make?

So pathetic.


  1. It’s just like the Gorelick wall, only different. But, at least it shows Obama CAN build a wall.

  2. Mensa, an org that adding Obama and Jeh J’s IQ together could not qualify for.

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