No Live Show Today, Super Bowl Sunday, 2-5-2-17

Enjoy the Super Bowl. We will be back live in vivid red, white and blue next Sunday at 5 pm Eastern.

Super Bowl

Hey Guys,
Are you ready for some football? 
Actually, I have been pretty much done with the NFL this season, but in the last couple of weeks, I have found myself CONSTANTLY listening to butt hurt, cry baby sore losers who are still in denial about the November 8, 2016 (as in last year, People!) election, who can’t wait to tell you how much they (1) HATE the New England Patriots, their owner and their QB, Tom Brady because they like President Trump and (2) are seriously rooting for the Atlanta Falcons. Here they go again. I have been thinking a lot lately about liberals’ irresistible impulse to share their opinions with EVERYONE within earshot, regardless of whether others are interested in what they think. And I am not. So, I am hoping for a Patriots’ victory, for no other reason than it will tick off this perpetually enraged  bunch of whiners.

Something REALLY IMPORTANT: We must express our support for President Trump’s efforts to protect our country from the Islamic head chopping lunatics who are determined to destroy Western Civilization, and from illegal alien criminals. The corrupt media is amplifying the tiny minority that I just mentioned, the Leftist “Resistance,” and unfortunately, there are many distracted people in our country, who get their information from the Pretend News and the pop culture. So, while I am certainly not advocating that we turn into the sort of obnoxious blowhards broadcasting our opinions incessantly, I think we need to do the following:

Contact Congress and let them know that you want our borders protected, and that you support extreme vetting of those who want to enter the United States.

Also, let them know that you want Jeff Sessions confirmed as Attorney General and Judge Gorsuch confirmed and seated on the Supreme Court.

Don’t be afraid to speak up and correct people who repeat the lies that they hear from the corrupt media. I don’t have to tell any of you to do so gently, and politely. You are all smart and have good manners, unlike our friends on the Left.

You can call Congress at 202-224-3121. This link also has links to the direct phone lines for every senator and member of the House of Representatives.

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Thanks again for your encouragement and support!

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