No Regrets: Angela Merkel Still Thinks Admitting Unscreened Syrians a GREAT Idea

Despite the recent spate of terrorist attacks by Islamist lunatics in her country, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has no regrets about throwing her country wide open to them. The more the merrier, or the bloodier.


From Politico:

Angela Merkel on Thursday rejected calls to change her refugee policy despite recent terror attacks.

“I stand by the political decisions we’ve made,” Merkel said during a press conference in Berlin when asked if she believed she had made mistakes during the past year.

“As chancellor, I am responsible for, by far, most decisions. I always have to weigh up if a decision meets our values — which does not mean that there are no risks.”

“The basic principle that Germany stands by its humanitarian responsibility is the right thing,” she said.

“I believe that if we had refused to fulfill [our] humanitarian responsibility, there would have been just as many – or maybe very different — very bad consequences for us.”

Since July 18, four violent attacks — three of which were committed by migrants, and two had links to Islamic State – have rocked Germany: an ax attack near Würzburg, a mass shooting in Munich, knifings in Reutlingen, and a suicide bombing in Ansbach. (emphasis mine)

Merkel said the attackers had had “shamed the country that welcomed them.”

She said the attacks were “shocking, oppressive and depressing” and added that those responsible “wanted to undermine our sense of community, our openness and our willingness to help people in need. We firmly reject this.”

She’s right, of course. Newcomers who slice and dice their new neighbors, or shoot or stab them, are getting off on the wrong foot, and demonstrating an intention to “undermine” that all important sense of “community.” Ms. Merkel rejects that very distasteful, mean-spirited view. The newcomers reject the right of anyone who doesn’t agree with them to continue to exist. Oh dear, how to reconcile these apparently irreconcilable differences? That’s going to require some extreme mediation.

What is she going to say after she’s already admitted that her policy allowed terrorists to enter her country and victimize its citizens?

Are we going to have our own Angela Merkel in a few months, another pant-suited fool, hell bent on destroying out country as a continuing part of the “remaking” of America? Hillary Clinton is on the record. She wants a 550% increase in unvetted Syrians into the United States. A vote for Hillary is a vote for open borders, and the importation of more unscreened Muslims.

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  1. I’m sure she doesn’t have any regrets. She’s a true believer and fellow traveler with Obama and is hell bent on fundamentally transforming her country whether the people who built the country like it or not. She also doesn’t have to pay the high price that she’s forcing everyone else in her country to pay or suffer any of the consequences of her actions.

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