No Time To Be Discouraged. Time to Get to Work to Stop Amnesty

As we discussed extensively during yesterday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, this Senate’s “Gang of 8” immigration bill is a disaster for American workers and for the future of our country. The most generous reading is the Congressional Budget Office’s, and even that tells us it will lower wages and increase unemployment for the next 12 years. The worst is that is the final stage in a plan to destroy capitalism hatched by two radical college professors back in the 1960’s. 

Here are 21 things that you have to believe to support this bill.

Please call your senator right now and ask him if he is supporting the “comprehensive immigration bill” aka amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, and plans to vote for it. If he says yes, ask him the following:

  1. Why is he supporting a bill that the Congressional Budget Office says will lower wages and increase unemployment for the next twelve years?
  2. Has he actually read the bill? If so, could he please tell us how, given the fact that it has over 1200-pages and the language was only released last Friday? Unless he has some amazing speed reading system, it would have taken him at least 16 hours a day doing nothing else.
  3. Why do we need any “pathway to citizenship” for lawbreakers to enforce our borders?

More questions to ask your senator here.

We stopped this foolishness in 2007, and we need to roll up our sleeves, be informed and get to work. One of the Left’s most potent weapons is our discouragement. Take it away from them by contacting your senator.

Courtesy of NumbersUSA, you can use the toll-free number, 888-995-8349.

Get busy.


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