Note to Democrats: Reality is Not Optional

In February 2005, the Teri O’Brien Show debuted a reoccurring feature entitled “Democrats and their imaginary friends.” We have had a lot of material for this feature over the last few years

The segment began after we heard a John Edwards speech, citing the plight of a woman named “Loretta,” who went from living in a shelter to owning her own pizza franchise. Supposedly, when “Loretta” was down and out, she went into a laundromat to get warm, and was told to get out because “[a]nybody living in the shelter’s got to be trash.” I am not making this up. Edwards was the one with the vivid imagination and the gift for telling tall tales. Imagine something yourself, if you need to be scared straight: but for about 114,000 Ohio voters, this slimy former ambulance chaser/exceptional haircut could have become the vice president of the United States.

Then there was the fictional “typical American family,” in Chuck Schumer’s almost unread 2007 book, Positively American: Winning Back the Middle-Class Majority One Family at a Time. Apparently not only does Sen. Schumer not actually know any regular people like his fictional “Baileys,” which meant he had to invent them for this straight-to-the-sale-bin book. In addition, he is oblivious to the unintentional hilarity he presents by saying so.Gee, I can’t imagine why this book wasn’t flying off the shelves.

As creative as both Mr. Edwards and Mr. Schumer were, they are pikers when it comes to the Deacon of Delusion, the Iman of Invented Reality, the King of Crap, and also the current occupant of the Oval Office, Barack Hussein Obama. Yesterday, we endured endless breathless media reports about the “composite” “compressed” girlfriend he wrote about in one of two autobiographies he published before he turned 40, Dreams from My Father. Of course, when I use the word “wrote,” I mean briefly described to Bill Ayers so that he could create a cardboard character for Obama to use to blather on about the horror of growing up in racist Amerika.

In addition, just this week, the Obama campaign website unveiled the bizarre story of a mythical woman “Julia,” who thanks to the benevolence of the federal government in the United States of Barack, is able to live happily and thrive, cradle to death camp without any pesky parents, husbands or religious institutions to impede her participation in this glorious socialist utopia.

Meanwhile, back in an alternative universe, also known as “reality,” the real unemployment rate is 11.6%. Cartoons are fun, and children love them, so I’m sure that the Obama campaign will hit the mark with many of its low-information, emotionally-drive constituents. Unfortunately, even for them, reality is not optional.


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