Note to Elena Kagan: The “Exchanges” Work? Please check out California

Justice Kagan looks like she knows a little something about half a loaf, especially one like this, but I don’t think she knows much about how the socialism that she so enthusiastically embraces works in reality.
This back and forth occurred during yesterday’s oral argument on Obamacare. Elena Kagan says “the exchanges function perfectly well in Utah.” Perhaps, but what about the high risk pools that were supposed to provide insurance to people with pre-existing conditions. They are a disaster!
Consider what happened in California, with their high-risk pool. From last Friday’s Wall Street Journal:

In California, the state-run high-risk pool has 8,691 enrollees, lower than the state had predicted, said Janette Casillas, executive director of the state’s Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board.

Officials at the California program expected enrollees to incur claims of around $1,100 a month, she said. But participants, most of whom were already sick, rushed to get care they had postponed while uninsured.

As a result, the program’s average monthly claim costs are triple what officials projected.

Triple the cost. Read the whole article. It documents how unworkable this law is, and how disappointed even people who bought into Obama’s phony “hope and change” yip yap are now with the reality behind the phony sloganeering.
As we always say on the show, connect the dots. Remember this video from Barack Obama back in the day?

So there it is, Barack Obama once again the hard-wired leftist, seeking the imposition of ideology over actuarial tables. The requirements in the law are designed to destroy private insurance, and if implemented they will do so very effectively because it will not be possible to force young, healthy people to pay enough to cover all the sick people that will storm the system.
That was the plan all along, driven by Obama’s ideology that says the current system is not only “unfair,” but in line with his enthusiastic embrace of Critical Race Theory, inherently racist.

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